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A simple way to understand how Social Media can help you grow your business and its brand: Twitter, I need to grow, Facebook: I grew, Foursquare: This is where I grow, Quora: Why I am growing, YouTube: watch me grow, and LinkedIn: I am great at growing.

The future growth of your business depends on these six major social media networks and the statistics show that businesses are seeing growth by managing and incorporating these tactics into their business model. Since 2005, social media usage for the ages of 18-29 has grown from 16% to 86%, ages 30-49 has grown from12% to 61% and ages 50-69 has grown from 7% to 47% in 2012.

With this kind of increase in the last 8 years businesses have realized that they need to hop on board with social media marketing. Many companies have seen benefits from using social media networks as part of their marketing strategy. A quarter of businesses reported that they have seen a rise in their website traffic while one in five businesses said that they have seen an increase in sales.

Research released by digital marketing agency EPIserver reveals that businesses in 2012 are spending more time on social media sites, and that they are seeing positive contributions to higher profits and an increase in customer loyalty.

Businesses are spending more time managing their brands on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Face Book and Twitter. 52% of businesses reported spending more than an hour a day on social media sites and 20% said they can see that easily increasing by 2013.

Twitter is slowly becoming a very powerful social networking site for your business. Some business owners are embracing this site and some are not. It is often stated that Twitter is not a powerful source of marketing. Peoples reaction to Twitter is often, “No one needs to know what my business is doing at all times,” or “The only businesses that really pay attention to Twitter are the Media sources.” These views are very common amongst those who just do not understand the value that Twitter can provide for their business marketing needs.

There are seven functional building blocks to running a successful marketing campaign for your business: Identity, Brand, conversations, sharing, presence, relationship building, reputation and group/team building. If you take these seven factors and take a closer look at each social networking site then you can begin to understand the importance of social media and how it relates to your business needs.

Dafna Michaelson is the President and co-founder of The Journey Institute. In 2009, she created a project called “52 Week Journey.” This was a project for which she traveled across America to all 50 states and Washington, D.C. to find Americas problem solvers and idea generators. Dafna documented every second of her journey with her followers using social media platforms.

Through this experience Dafna was able to solidify her brand by sharing her personal experience. She was not only able to create a massive following for herself and her business but she also created a customer loyalty that she has found is hard to break. Her followers follow everything that she is doing now.

Dafna writes a daily blog, is in the midst of writing a book about her journey, has been invited to many high profile seminars that she gets paid to speak about social media, and all she is doing is sharing her daily experiences. “I want to share my experiences with my followers/customers because I think it creates a bond of loyalty that is crucial to the future of my business, said Dafna.”

The future of social media marketing is visual engagement…meaning that if you are not willing to share with your customers what your business is up to then you might have a hard time creating that loyalty that the business down the street has created.

Mike Baltus is the owner and CEO of Mobile Integration; he spends his days training businesses employees on the importance of social media. Additionally, he travels around the world to teach seminars to businesses on how to get there social media marketing started or back on track.

“It is amazing to see these businesses so excited to jump on board, it is a dangerous place to be in this economy if you are resistive to using social media for your business, said Mike.”

The trend started in 2005 and has grown exponentially in the last 8 years. Research shows that it is going to blow up even more in the next five years. 106 million accounts get set up daily on Twitter, 300,000 new accounts are being set up daily, 55 million tweets daily meaning that is 640 tweets per second.

More than half of Facebook’s monthly users (488 million) will view, post and upload content to the site using mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. Facebook is home to 125 billion “Friendships”, more than 300 million snapshots are uploaded each day to the site, there are 2 billion “likes” every day, one billion comments are posted daily and Facebook is the most downloaded mobile app in the world.

With overwhelming stats like these for social media networking sites, how is possible for a business to think that these sites cannot help the success of their marketing plans? Well some people do not agree that theses social media sites or the internet is good idea for our society.

Many people would argue that social media is hurting our society as a whole. It could actually be considered asocial networking. This could cause our culture to not only stagnate in life but also hurt our skills in creating and maintaining face-to-face- contact with each other.

Andrew Keen, author of “The Cult of the Amateur” states: “Out of this anarchy, it suddenly became very clear that what was once governing the infinite monkeys is now inputting away on the Internet. It is the law of digital Darwinism, the survival of the loudest and most opinionated. Under these rules, the only way to intellectually prevail is by infinite Filibustering.”

The issue is anyone being able to create content on these sights and there is no assurance that the content is good or accurate. It is being wildly discussed that it is a good idea for businesses to hire a curator of content and have them on staff if they plan to market using social media networking sights. This is an emerging trend because there is an abundance of content and not enough filters.

Tammy Patterson, Owner of Fairytales bookstore for children is a true believer in having a curator on staff. “It is especially important to be able to filter out what needs to be filtered because my customer base is mainly children. I use the social media sites for events that I hold and as much as I want to share with the world what I am doing, I also want to make sure that it is getting directed in the right places. If you use the social media sites correctly then it can defiantly help increase sales and take my small business out of my neighborhood and into the world, said Tammy.”

Overall, it has been proven through extensive research that social media marketing is an emerging trend. It has been helping businesses get exposure and has been increasing their profit margin since 2005. If you own a business or are thinking about starting a business it is probably a good idea to learn and incorporate social media marketing into your business plan…otherwise you may be left in the dust.


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